About us

Security Company In British Columbia

TeamSecurity is a security company based out of British Columbia Canada. Our team believes that everyone deserves the basic necessity of security in the environment in which they live, work and travel.

We demonstrate commitment to our beliefs by partnering with like-minded companies and implementing strategies that work. Our team at TeamSecurity delivers a superior level of security services compared to rivals, at some of the lowest prices in the industry.

about teamsecurity

Core Values:

  • Client Focus

    At TeamSecurity Security, we have a close and open relationship with our clients that generates trust. We work as mutual partners in order to attain our objectives.

  • Performance

    We challenge ourselves to improve performance year-after- year and to create a long-term sustainable client base.

  • Qualified Personnel

    We strive to employ individuals who share a passion for our values and ideology. All of our employees are competent individuals, who have been hand selected by our human resource team.

  • Integrity

    We can always be trusted to provide selfless service to others.

  • Commitment

    A promise to be a valued partner to our clients and to aid in any project thrown at us.

  • Excellence of Employees

    Expertise, team spirit and responsibility. These are just some of the characteristics employees of TeamSecurity express. Each person understands his or her responsibilities and takes a proactive role in assuring that the job gets done right. Accountability doesn’t stop at the individual, it extends to the entire team.