Life of a Security Guard

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A Security guard’s responsibilities will vary depending on the requirements of the client. Security guards provide services that protect and enforce laws on an employer’s property, monitor and respond to alarms, access control and write comprehensive reports on what they observed during patrols. Security guards must remain vigilant, looking for anything that may be ‘out of the ordinary’ in their environment. In emergency situations, guards may call for assistance from police, fire or ambulance.

In retail stores, security services provided by security guards can protect citizens, merchandise, money and other assets. They may work as undercovers, also called ‘mystery shopping’, in which the security guard acts as a normal consumer in the retail store. The security guard therefore helps reduce thefts by customers and employees.

In more commercial situations, such as banks, warehouses and hospitals, guards maintain a sense of order and protection. Security services provided in these cases by security guards relate to custom, staff and property safety. Museums and art galleries are also guarded to protect the highly valuable assets from the public. Although security guards generally protect and control access, they also help the public with day-to-day activities such as giving directions within a mall, warehouse and other properties.

In factories, such as government buildings, it is important to note that security guards also protect intangible assets such as information stored on computer databases, as well as credentials of people and vehicles entering and leaving the premises. At universities, in parks, and at sports stadiums, guards do crowd control and supervise parking.

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