Security Guard Tips from An Experienced Officer

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Over the past decade, security guards have gradually taken on more responsibilities once only expected from Police Officers. Whether the security services being provided are mobile patrols or alarm responses triggered by alarm companies, it is by no question that the stress applied on security guard jobs is one never prevalent in society before. Skills developed by experienced security guards take years to develop, it makes sense for rookies to take security tips from these pioneers of the industry. Knowing your limits, getting to know your environment and planning are just some of the vital skills best security guards in the industry project.

Although a security guards job is to provide a wide variety of security services, reigning from home security all the way to personal bodyguards, it comes without question that the best security guards never put themselves in danger. Although it may same ideal to confront individuals in all environments, this exposes the security guard to unnecessary liability. More experienced security guards in this niche industry recommend that the ‘observe and assess’ method be utilized. Although this requires simple security guard training, the security officer will be able to assess the residential or commercial security site and execute a logical decision. Training such as the ‘observe and assess’ protocol not only protect the security guards from dangers, but also cause an influx in security guard jobs being inquired by potential guards to the employer.

Home security cameras and wireless alarm systems are a general baseline for protection against intruders and would be criminals at security sites. Although these provide a minimum level of security, getting to know your environment is something ideal for best security services. Experienced security guards are able to perform at their optimum level when they know the ins and outs of the environment in which they work. Walking your patrol route and checking stairways and doors in person for example provide more thorough security compared to wireless alarm systems and home security cameras. Furthermore, in the case of an emergency such as an alarm response, knowing the environment around the security guard can be the difference between catching the suspect and not.

Best Security guards are vigilant throughout their security shift. Security service performance hinders when security guards are not adequately assessing their environment and scanning the site constantly. Because of this, experienced security companies never work their security guards over 8 hours on average. The reason for this is due to the increasing marginal costs of sleeping in the next hour. Being sleep deprived can lead to ignoring vital clues and hints of an impending security breach at a site. Furthermore, security guards that have experience in the field know that a sound sleep before a security shift is crucial to their performance, and the client’s happiness.

One of the biggest mistakes that rookie security guards make is not being clearly visible. Whether this is the security guards fault of being lazy or the security companies fault of not providing visible and noticeable uniforms, it should be noted that not being visible can lead to criminals having more courage to commit crimes at the security site. “Most burglars, shoplifters, muggers, and other criminals would think twice if they see a security guard with a visible uniform on duty” (, 2016).

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