Security Services

TeamSecurity Ltd. is one of the fastest growing companies in the Lower Mainland. Providing Security Guard services across British Columbia, our team has built a reputation for quality and integrity. At TeamSecurity, we provide complete solutions to all your security needs and requirements. Our team of experts and security guards are well trained and experienced enough to handle any type of security related jobs. Our goal is to protect your home, business & community with utmost care and responsibility. Our friendly, competent & highly qualified professionals will guarantee your peace of mind. We offer cost effective solutions and guarantee total satisfaction of all our clients.

How we work? 

In order to provide quality security guard service, our operations manager will setup a free consultation with the client. Our team of industry experts is able to provide a wide variety of different technology and security guards, in order to meet all client needs .

Hire a Uniformed Security Guard in British Columbia

With over 15 years of industry experience, TeamSecurity has built relationships with various large clients – providing security across a wide variety of sectors. TeamSecurity is proud of always putting their client first and providing licensed, bonded and insured security guards across the Vancouver area. Utilizing GPS technology, TeamSecurity is able to deter would-be criminals and ensure your site stays secure.

We serve many regions including:

  • Vancouver, Surrey, Victoria, Richmond, Coquitlam, Burnaby, Delta, Port Moody, Maple Ridge, Langley, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, White Rock, Whistler, Prince George, Kamloops, Mission, Kelowna and many more!

Our key industries: 

  • Construction Sites, Aviation Security, Educational Facilities, Financial Facilities, Hotels, Industrial, Parking Lots, Special Events, Residential Security, Retail Security, Loss Prevention Security

Please find below the complete list of all the security services that we provide in British Columbia.


  • Flexibility to clients needs
  • Our team of Security Officers is flexible and can conform to the clients needs.

    Whether it is an emergency alarm response or a Bicycle Patrol, our team can meet any client requirements.

    When selecting prospective TeamSecurity members, we are looking for individuals who share the same passion of providing ‘selfless service to others’. Individuals who are knowledgeable and articulate are two important characteristics our security guards have.

  • Minimum Qualifications of our Security Guards:
    • Provincial Basic Security Training (BST)
    • Excellent Communication skills
  • High Visibility Uniforms:
  • Our uniforms are designed with the sole intention of being highly visible at all times. This helps communicate the image of a security guard in the community.

Mobile Patrol unit’s main objective is to act as a deterrent against potential thieves or vandals on the premises being patrolled. At TeamSecurity, we provide specific training to our Mobile Patrol Supervisors who work out of a clearly marked vehicle. Our trained patrol officers are vigilant and reliable, patrolling your neighborhood in marked vehicles and inspecting your property as often as your needs dictate.

  • Our specialized patrol guards will inspect building and fence perimeters, office areas, common areas and all aspects of the building/residence.
  • TeamSecurity will provide electronic reports at the discretion of the client. Our security guards can also be tracked in order to provide adequate performance, using electronic guard tracking.
  • Cost-effective alternative to traditional standing guard services.

TeamSecurity can provide Bike Patrols as required by clients. Bike patrols are a good option to protect high risk parking lots in urban areas, where vehicles would normally take much longer to arrive. An example of this is Downtown Vancouver.

Parking Services:

Our bike security team can act as a deterrent to potential thieves or vandals on the premises being patrolled. Mobile patrolling will enforce parking rules and regulations.

TeamSecurity’s rapid deployment ability is an advantage that not many security companies offer in Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley area.

TeamSecurity’s Alarm response team can respond to emergency alarms within a moments notice. Once on site, our security supervisor will patrol the residence or business. Further action may be taken depending on the nature of the alarm. After the alarm, the client will receive a complete Incident Report, and the results of our investigation.

Examples of types of alarms we respond too:
  • Fail to set
  • Unscheduled Opening
  • Intrusion
  • Manual Panic

TeamSecurity’s officers can operate in a variety of enviromental settings to help aid in loss prevention. With a focus on articulate and knowledgeable guards, our team can provide undercover operations, and help aid in the apprehension and arrest of criminals.

Loss prevention services:
  • Preventing Theft from Automobiles
  • Retail theft Prevention
  • Undercover services

Mystery shopping is when you enter a premises and pose as a regular citizen doing normal shopping. Interactions with the public and employees of the store, our specialized Mystery shopping guards can assess a wide variety of variables.

Mystery prevention services:
  • Performance assessment: Assess customer service skills of employees
  • Loss Prevention Shoppers: Discretely identify thefts
  • Telephone assessment: Evaluate customer service of employees on phone