The changing face of security companies

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Security is a priority for every individual and organization. Be it in the form of a single security officer or the more sophisticated instance of a personal bodyguard, optimal safety is a wise investment for everyone. Today, security is more accessible and effective than ever, because technological advancements have brought about a paradigm shift in security companies’ operations. Among the visible changes are improvements to the recruitment processes that ensure companies recruit officers capable of handling a dynamic range of duties. Training has also evolved with time to include operating advanced security systems in areas such as access control, surveillance, and mobile security alarm devices. As a result of these changes, a competitive security company must meet market demand and be on constant lookout for inventions and technological advancements that allow them to stay relevant in the industry.

With the increasing risks of burglary and theft, Canadians have grown more cautious about security, which leads them to engage with companies that are committed to quality. Demand for physical security on business premises and public areas is particularly on the rise, creating more demand for effective access and surveillance systems. Depending on the needs of the environment, access systems can provide a range of solutions such as card control, biometric identification, and voice recognition systems that permit complex and specific levels of access.

Commercial and industrial surveillance increasingly relies on closed circuit television (CCTV), whereby officers can monitor large areas and record activity. Today, advanced monitoring systems have been developed that integrate with CCTV, such as facial recognition software and access to public databases. Information such as vehicle data and motion detection allow for better identification and the ability to track individual across time and place. Even the psychology of security is changing. Using the concept of target hardening, security devices such as CCTV installations are now designed to be more visible. This create a perception of surveillance that acts as a deterrent, preventing problems and conserving resources by avoiding property damage, theft, and other issues.

Home security is a different market niche owing to privacy concerns. Security companies have thus adopted home alarm technology that has the advantage of monitoring a home without the physical presence of a doorman. Wireless alarm systems are on a high demand as they help monitor homes with a direct link to the security company which notifies them whenever any intrusion is detected. 

Security alarms take different forms and are at times linked to access systems to boost tighter security. For instance, if an intruder attempts access a premise but they are unable to input the required access codes, the access control system would immediately set off the alarm device to alert the security company of the attempted breach. Mobile security is also to be credited for enabling appropriate reaction once an alarm device goes off. Security companies have the ability to provide services that would otherwise be quite cumbersome to fulfill without adequate mobility.

The best security system service is one which is tailor made for the specific needs of the client. Some customers may prefer personal bodyguards as it gives them more assurance knowing that someone is right there for them in the case of a security threat. Other customers prefer surveillance; a combination of detached privacy of not having the physical presence of a security guard and the assurance of constant monitoring from a distance. For such clients, as long as their physical space is not directly interfered with, they don’t mind the advantage of monitoring their homes and offices even while they are away. Such surveillance is simplified by having a personal mobile device linked to the security system and thus receiving live feeds on the security status of their premises. Some clients seek to avoid the panics caused by a security alarm and having to wait on their security company send security guards every time an alarm is triggered. Such clients often prefer CCTV surveillance reinforced by onsite security guards. Finally, there are those clients who don’t have the resources or desire to have security companies monitor their homes and business premises constantly. They prefer a one off installation of access control systems which would notify them in case of an intrusion, and they would then have to engage the local police or security agencies personally. 

Regardless of personal preference, Team Security does not make the mistake of overlooking the individual need for security and an assurance of safety. Burglary and Theft are real threats but also just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the possibilities of occurrences that can compromise one’s physical security. Once provision of security is made a priority to a trained security guard, all the necessary measures that ensure timely response are guaranteed. Thanks to technology, you have limitless options for ensuring access control, surveillance and the essential personal security. 

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